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"The boards arrived and they look extremely well made. Great job!
Thank you very much and we hope we'll make business soon."
Pedro Marques from Portugal

"Hello Alex!
The PCB's are working perfect! Everything is fine!..."
Jim from Greece

 "The boards arrived to us yesterday.
We check them and are working fine.
You did a great job, thanks!"
Ciprian from Romania


" I received the boards. They are perfect.  Thanks for making them so quick."
Mark from Netherlands

"Thanks for your quick reply. A pleasure to do business with you and your company!
Please start production. And please order the parts so they arrive in time.
I received the boards and they were perfect. It is great for me to see you can combine smd and Th.

I will recommend your company to others. It works much better than these China companies.
So keep up the good work!"
Mark from Netherlands

i took the pcb
It is a masterpiece"
Stavros from Greece
"I received the boards. They are looking very good. Exactly what I designed"
Maurice from Netherlands
 "I designed the pcb layouts by myself using ORCAD, then I send the files to a Bulgarian company (Micron20), 'cause at that time I was in Sofia for my job, who makes a good quality pcbs for a cheap price (compared to the italian ones), but I think that it should be possible for them to deliver the pcbs at least around Europe."
Giuseppe from Italy, the opinion was taken from

 "The boards, you sent us are very good. We would like to put a second order..."
 Kostas from Greece

 Many people ask me:
- Why with a Bulgarian company ?
- Why not with Chinese or Spanish ?
I asked for more than 20 quotations. You're the only (USA, Asia, Europe) that can deliver PCB, PCBA with or without your components, manual solder, etc etc. In addition no other company gave different timings..."
Vidactive from Spain

" Dear Christofor, Petya, Alexander and Asen,
we received your nice card and we want to thank you about this.
We really appreciate this...
We have a lot of pleasure in working with you! "
Partner in France

" I received the pcb boards! Very good job! "
Dimou from Greece