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Micron 20

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Micron-20 Ltd is the first privately owned company in Bulgaria for PCB design and manufacturing.
The company was established in 1991 and its production capacity and wide range of clients have been growing ever since. This is being achieved through the efforts and hard work of its young and enthusiastic staff whose top priority is mastering cutting-edge technology and innovations in the field.
Micron-20 Ltd is striving to provide the best customer service by applying all possible means for improving the existing production facilities and introducing new solutions.
Our list of clients includes over 2000 companies; our printed circuit boards can be found in the Bulgarian Parliament building, throughout the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company network, Petrol AD and, without exaggeration, in the whole sector of Bulgarian electronics business.
Micron-20 Ltd has specialized in manufacturing prototypes and small to middle series meeting very tight deadlines for shortest possible periods of time. That is why we pride ourselves on being flexible and able to compete on the market. We produce monthly approximately 800-1000 types of single-sided and double-sided as well as multi-layer PCB.
Micron-20 Ltd is a regular participant in specialized technical fairs and exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. Since its establishment, the company attends the annual Autumn Technical Fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We have been offered excellent opportunities since our participation in the exhibitions in Belgrade and Istanbul where we succeeded in attracting an impressive number of new clients.
Taking into consideration the importance of meeting our clients in person, we attended the specialized technical exhibition ELECTRONICA in Munich, Germany.
Our clients have very strict requirements in terms of quality standards and new technology approaches and we are proud to assert that we have always met them for the last 26 years. We are a team of experienced professionals working to maintain and improve quality processes and procedures in all aspects of company operations to yield total customer satisfaction.
The advantages when turning to us are:

  • constant high quality
  • competitive prices
  • on time delivery, free for express orders

In order to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction we have developed and installed:

  • New factory located in Gabrovo with high capacity - 5000 sq.m. monthly double sided pcb’s
  • lead-free technologies
  • automatic SMD assembling of prototypes and small series
  • stencils manufacturing
  • high-frequency materials treatment technology as Rogers, Arlon, Neltec, Taconic, etc.


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